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Why Should You Master Your Record?

Why do you need to master your album, does it not sound fine the way it is? There is a simple answer to that. No it doesn’t . Chances are your album needs mastering and not by the guy who … Continue reading

George Graves, Master of Masters

As spoken by George, written by Darryl Webster One afternoon as a kid growing up in Southern California, my school took us to see the orchestra. We were seated in the balcony and I was fortunate enough to be in … Continue reading

Audio Quality Matters

My name is Noah Mintz and I’m a mastering engineer. A few years ago my two kids, who were 12 and 14, said to me something that I’m very used to hearing. “Dad we’re bored.” I usually respond with “that’s not my problem … Continue reading

The Howie Weinberg Mastering App

One might think, that I might think, that an iPhone mastering app is a total contradiction of everything I stand for as a mastering engineer.  You might also think that the fact, that it’s released by one of the most respected engineers … Continue reading

Why Master In Canada

Many a Canadian producer will have musicians record in Canada, mix in Canada, but might suggest an album be mastered in the US. Why? The world’s most celebrated mastering studios are in New York and southern California. You’ll find more … Continue reading