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The curious case of mastering Shad’s Your Boy Tony Braxton – Adult Contempt

Mixing engineer (and friend) Howie Beck called me up one day and told me he was mixing an interesting album and that I might be mastering it. He had a question about delivering the clients some reference mixes (usually somewhat … Continue reading

Kendrick Lamar’s Untitled Unmastered

You should listen to Kendrick Lamar’s Untitled Unmastered. The songs are amazing. You’ll also get a rare glimpse into what we hear every day. Unmastered mixes. If you listen to it from beginning to end you’ll hopefully understand why mastering is … Continue reading

Follow Up Thoughts on Audio Quality by Sage Kim

Last month Lacquer Channel Mastering held a small panel discussion at The Soho House on audio quality. Sage Kim was in the audience and she recently posted this to Facebook. It’s reposted with permission.  Some geeky follow-up thoughts motivated by … Continue reading

We Cut Wax – The Origin of Recorded Sound

Experience the history of great sound with the “We Cut Wax” video series Sound that is a renaissance but at the same time – a revolution. By Jacqueline Parker When Lacquer Channel Mastering opened their doors over 40 years ago, they … Continue reading

Mastered for iTunes

To be clear, Mastered for iTunes is not so much a format. It is more a process attached to a format. While to some, it might just represent the pretty label on their latest iTunes store purchase, for musicians, engineers … Continue reading

The problem with Landr (isn’t LANDR) PT.2

LANDR, if you don’t know, is an online mastering product by a company based in Montreal formally called MIXGENIUS. Unlike other preset mastering software, LANDR claims to use an artificial intelligence to master your mixes. Robot mastering if you will. … Continue reading

The problem with LANDR PT.1

from August Canadian Musician: Written by Michael Raine Noah Mintz is considered one of Canada’s top mastering engineers, having put the finishing touches on albums by Arkells, Broken Social Scene, Death From Above 1979 and Rheostatics, just to name a … Continue reading

Analog is (often) not Analog and Digital is (always) not Digital

There are basically two types of audio signal. Digital and Analog. Analog can exist as purely Analog, meaning at no point does it have to come in contact with anything digital. Digital, on the other hand, has to go to analog to … Continue reading

The Tools I Use: Noah Mintz

A mastering engineer can only be as good as his/her tools. The better the tools the better the sound. We’re very lucky to have some of the best mastering gear available at Lacquer Channel. A mix of state-of-the-art new and vintage … Continue reading

What Is Proper Mastering?

I used to say that Lacquer Channel’s competition was other mastering rooms like João Carvalho Mastering and Sterling Sound but now I say our competition is ignorance. The art of mastering becomes more and more disambiguated as the fast-food-esk digital music age becomes more prevalent. What … Continue reading